Proxy Chimik

Download the PROXY CHIMIK 2024 brochure (FR/NL)

2024 Proxy Chimik calendar, by municipality

Collection of small household chemical waste near you

1. Household chemical waste packaging containing product residue and on which one or more of the pictograms listed below is displayed, must be disposed of at PROXY CHIMIK.

"Corrosive" pictogram: square on tip with red edge and symbol of a hot and corrosive product for the skin or objects
New "irritating" pictogram: square on point with red edge and exclamation point "!"
Irritant / harmful
New pictogram "Dangerous for the environment": square on tip with red edge and symbol of dead fish and tree
Environmental hazard
New "flammable" pictogram: square on tip with red border and "fire" symbol
"Dangerous in the long term" pictogram: square on point with red edge with bust and symbol of cellular degradation
Long term health hazard
"Toxic" pictogram: square on a point with a red border and a skull symbol


2. Empty PMC packaging goes in the blue bag or blue container, except for the following packaging which must go to PROXY CHIMIK:

  • packaging for insecticide, herbicide, antifoam, rat poison, etc.
  • packaging with a child-resistant lid
  • packaging for motor oil, paint, lacquer and varnish.
  • packaging with one or more of the following pictograms:





3. Nitrous oxide cylinders:

  • The cylinders must be well emptied
  • Above all, they must not end up in building containers, rubbish bags or public litter bins.

Chemical waste must be handled with care.

Here are some rules to follow before going to PROXY CHIMIK:

1. Presentation

Bring liquid and solid substances separated from each other, in their original, well-closed packaging (not loose in a plastic bag). Make regular trips to PROXY CHIMIK.
The maximum (container) volume accepted is 45l per visit and per day, 30L for coating products, 10L for frying oil and fat and 5L for other chemical products. Any quantity greater than 45L (volume of the container) will be refused to ensure that other residents may also benefit from this local service.

2. Packaging of household waste oil and frying oils and fats

  • Frying and fondue oils: let them cool completely before pouring them into a bottle (preferably plastic) using a funnel. Close the bottle with its original cap.
  • Frying fat: let it cool to below 40° and then pour it into a bottle (preferably plastic) using a funnel or into a metal box with a lid.
  • Waste oil: keep the original packaging of new oil to pour used oil into or pour it into another clean plastic container.

3. Labelling

Write the name of the product on the packaging. Chemical waste that is labelled is chemical waste that will be processed correctly. Can't remember the product’s name? Talk to our chemists at PROXY CHIMIK. Tell them what the product was used for. They will then try to identify it and find the appropriate recycling and/or disposal channel for it.

  • To find out about the list of accepted or refused waste, go to this page: household chemical waste.
  • For professional chemical waste or for large quantities. Contact Bruxelles-Propreté PRO at 0800/981.81 
  • All useful information is also included in the PROXY CHIMIK 2024 brochure (FR/NL).


  • Our vehicles provide local service on regular dates (with the exception of public holidays and 2/01, 2/11, 15/11, 24/12, 26/12) and at regular hours.
  • Below are the addresses and times for collections in your area. Addresses are listed by municipality.
  • If you live on the border between two municipalities, also take a look at the list of addresses of the neighbouring municipality.
  • Our vehicles stay at each location for 45 min. Due to traffic conditions, our truck may sometimes be late.
  • Roadworks or other obstacles may prevent our truck from being parked at the address provided in this brochure.
  • Look around to find it. It will be within 100 meters of the stated location. If you can't find it, call 0800/981 81.
  • To view all the PROXY CHIMIK schedules for each municipality, click here (FR/NL).